Napping Princess 2017 free download torrent

Napping Princess 2017

Napping Princess 2017 free download torrent

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Napping Princess 2017

Okayama Prefecture Kurashiki princessin city, Kokone Morikawa, mainly high school students sleeping on his father Seto Ohashi bridge unsociable mechanic, who lived next door. Because for some strange reason, the same dream over and over again Kokone have recently started, and usually a fan of the machine for three days barne.Tokyo 2020 OlympicsVorher is arrested the father-in Kokone and brought to Tokyo. Rude and unfriendly the identity of his father, but believeNot, cocoon father committed a crime. So, his longtime friend and student at the university, along with cruising, he went to Tokyo to arrest a sudden secret around her father was arrested. On the way there, he soon realizes that the key to the mystery of his dream recurs.

Language: Japanese

Classification: P13

CyffredinolDyddiad Document: August 3, 2017

Genre: Anime

Duration: 1 hour 51 minutes

Distribution: ATriNaga Sdn Bhd

Cast: Mitsuki Takahata, ShinnosukeMitsushima, Tomoya Maeno, Rie Kugimiya

Director: Kenji Kamiyama

Format: 2D