Internet Explorer 9 Torrent

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 Torrent

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Internet Explorer 9

The classic Microsoft browser allows you to explore the network at different levels (security, privacy, ease of use).

New features security and privacy

It has a new look for Internet Explorer 9 and offers many features that allow you to get close to the edge of the competition.

It’s privacy, „InPrivate“ (search enable incognito) is welcome and it opens up without opening the history or acceptance of your pages. It is possible, tooThe type of privacy data you want to access the sites that suit the desired options.

Security also seems to have improved Microsoft, and now Internet Explorer 9 now offers new tools to protect traces of the SmartScreen filter (you can check the security you visit the sites you can check the certificate in order to avoid unwanted pages).

Personalize your web browsing

Internet Explorer 9 is the option of Microsoft (finally) to turn the system into your browser. You no longer have to open a new windowYou visit each other page and I think it is a new feature that really breathes svezhvozduh Internet Explorer. It’s a pace that innovation lasted so long (much longer than the competition)!

However, this is a browser that offers najciekawszeOpcji. It is possible that the language option is adjusted to choose which version will appear on the websites.
If you are traveling abroad or want to see web pages, you want another language that you want more than your vashatcomputer.You can also change the search by choosing your favorite and not necessarily using it as a Bing base.

As an extension, Internet Explorer 9 is also caught, and now offers several accessories to personalize the browser.
Namebench 1.3 Torrent
However, as with many extensions, Internet Explorer always blames browser browsers such as Firefox! However, the new centers efikasnostaEkstenzii will allow you to identify the possibilities to verify consumption consumption so quickly, which is your experienceIt may slow down the browser.

Browser, which is still a lot to do

Certainly, Microsoft has completely changed its copy to the new (and welcome) options of Internet Explorer 9 – Privacy, security and extensions. Special attention will be given to projects that must be paid in the middle of the final competition of one of its competitors.

Despite the efforts of Internet Explorer 9, the author is still far behind his main competitor. Nowhere near Chrome versatile or light-edged as Opera is versatile,Browser Microsoft too bright extensions and very difficult to get any real brzina.Internet Explorer 9 is acquired from dobrotvornik, but near the top genre.